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Central Directorate of Country House Museums in Hungary

The Central Directorate of Country House Museums in Hungary is an organisational unit operating from 1 April 2017 within the Hungarian Open Air Museum, whose main responsibilities include the professional support, coordination and scientific tasks of country house museums in Hungary and over the border with Hungarian relevance. Updating and the cadastre of the locally preserved folk architectural heritage, as well as informing and training the governing bodies and managers of the country houses, creating and operating a network of consultants and mentors. The managerial duties of the Board of Directors are performed by dr. Ibolya Bereczki, Deputy Director General responsible for Sectoral Tasks at the Skanzen.                                                                                                                    

Country house museums are special public collections that include elements of museology, community formation, folk monument protection and maintenance. Country house museums are also significant objects of folk monument protection, therefore MTKI considers the assistance of the care of monuments, the monitoring of their condition and the initiation of the necessary interventions to be a priority. In connection with this, we carry out the monitoring tasks of the country house museums that won the Kubinyi Ágoston Programme on behalf of the Ministry of Human Capacities.